BrownNosin Bitches

A few miscellaneous shots from the impromptu tailgate after a brief but exhilarating hunt on Sunday, 11/28/2004.

While one of the bitches was over brownnosing the MFH's, the others graphically demonstrated their opinion. (And I don't know what to say about a tongue that can tease a cork out of a wine bottle!)

Okay .. so her nose is browner than mine. What can I say? She's an attorney, of course she's better at it.

Somebody else will have to explain this one. I just took the picture; I didn't think I wanted to ask.

Somebody looks like she really loves her bottle.

Oh darlin, that vest feels so good.

Y'all can chase all the stinkin coyotes you want, I'm a-huntin these here foxes.

I don't care how brown your noses are, I want to see those elbows above the shoulders!!