A Sunday with the Pack

Sunday afternoon March 20, 2005. I'm still having trouble persuading Arthur to stand still long enough to take pictures, and I'm still getting the hang of the camera. Arthur kept fidgeting, the camera kept beeping, and I kept pushing the button, figuring maybe I'd get a few pictures worth keeping.

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DSCF0088.jpg DSCF0089.jpg DSCF0099.jpg DSCF0100.jpg
DSCF0101.jpg DSCF0102.jpg DSCF0103.jpg DSCF0108.jpg
DSCF0110.jpg DSCF0111.jpg DSCF0113.jpg DSCF0114.jpg
DSCF0116.jpg DSCF0117.jpg DSCF0118.jpg

Last updated: 3/20/05