Long Live the Bitch Pack!!

I was just farting around and created this Bitch Pack site for the hell of it. It may evolve into something better, or it may not. Just for starters, here are some miscellaneous pictures I had lying around.

New Feature! - Bitch Tracks

Recent stuff

Official Mascot BJ Barbie

A little explanation is in order. When the Bitch Pack's Master of ChowHounds read some internet chatter about plastic dinosaurs, she asked if there was a story attached. She was referred to the following explanation from the original DinoSource in a hunt somewhere to the South.
The great thing about starting a hunt, is that you get to start the traditions as well... The one for which we are becoming famous is this: Everyone is allowed to choose a small plastic dinosaur which he/she must place in the pocket of a hunt coat. Then must take the following pledge: "Should I, ever in my life, begin to take myself too seriously, I must remember one thing: I have a plastic dinosaur in my pocket!!" Several times during the year, our Fieldmaster will stop for a "dinosaur check". It certainly does keep everything in perspective.
Our MCH decided this was a tradition worth honoring with a little local customization. In the true spirit of the Bitch Pack, she proudly presented Barbie, who was instantly christened Blow Job Barbie by other members of the Pack. Here Barbie demonstrates the proper "elbow above the shoulder" wave.

Leader of the Pack?

Joint Master of ChowHounds. Notice BJBarbie in her honorary position in the coat pocket.

Leading her own Pack

The BitchPack's Joint-MCH leading her own pack of dogfoxes.

Murph the Magnificent

A picture is worth a thousand words. Need I say more?

What a Doozie!

I'm not sure I can think of anything to say that won't get me in trouble. Actually, I thought I had a more candid shot that would have provided an opportunity for an excellent caption, but I couldn't find it. C'est la vie.

Honorary Member?

Don't I wish!! I've actually never had the pleasure of meeting Camilla Jackson, but her strong support of foxhunting in Britain makes me sure she'd be a wonderful addition to the Bitch Pack if she chose to hunt on this side of the pond, since her elbow is well above her shoulder here (and she seems to have a pretty good shot at passing another famous elbow test). She's the daughter of British MFHA Secretary Alistair Jackson, and these pictures were taken during a passionate public protest against the attempts to ban foxhunting in Britain. I don't think she's related to Janet Jackson, but I can understand why people might get confused.